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Monsters Don't Exist, But You Do

September 14, 2019


Fingers digging, into your eyes like a monster. 
There are no claws, but grubby human hands. 
In this case you finally realize, there are no such thing as monsters, but the personification of humanities darkest personas. 
Robed in flesh. 

We take on a million masks, and some take shape
Slowly worm their way under your skin.
Locked beneath your flesh it eats away until there's no more you left, just your face.
You are the beast, it doesn't exist anywhere except in our heads and within our actions.

Nails cut barely too short, fingers red at the ends,
Pressing so harshly to your face that even the nubby nails start to cut at your soft skin. 
All too soon it's burning. 

Clawing from the outside in, trying to strip away your flesh, the symbol of your imperfect humanity. 

Is it an ally or a foe?
Freeing, or murderous?
Sometimes we confuse our heroes for our enemies. 

Screams drowned out by song, but it doesn't feel like torture. 
Like the flesh has been unzipped, the veil torn away. 

You are left with uncertainty, and you soon understand, it's all your choice.

Have you been freed or murdered?

We let what our monsters do to us, define us, when that only lets them win. 
An enemy can never win without your permission. 

Monsters don't exist, only humans do. 



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1 Comment
  • Bookworm101

    You could change the last line to: Monsters don't exist, humans do. And they're kind of the same thing. Or something like that.

    Idk, I love the whole piece, but I don't like the last line. Plus, I was too lazy to d a review, and it takes time to go through anyway.

    over 1 year ago