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LAST DAY!!! #HomoSapiensStory

September 14, 2019


    Hey guys! So I've been doing a lot of contests lately, and with that thinking about what kind of prompts it might be fun to write for (in my humble opinion), and therefore I decided to host my own with some of those prompts.
    Probably no one is going to enter this (or even see this; if you're reading this now leave a comment for a metaphorical gold star (a like on one of your pieces)). I'll honestly be glad if I get two entries.
    That being said, I'm not one for long introductions, so let's get right into it.

    Heartbreak- The prompt really says it all on this one. Write a piece on any form of heartbreak. It can be anything; poetry, prose, literally whatever. Minimum amount of words is 50 and max is 250.
    Perspective- Write a story in prose about whatever you want... and then write it again from a different character's perspective. A supporting character, a minor character, a character who wasn't even mentioned but still plays an important part, anyone! The minimum amount of words on this one is 100 per perspective and the maximum is 1000 (per perspective).
    Significance- For this prompt I want you to write a story about an item that holds not a lot of significance to most people, but a lot to your main character. It can be literally anything. I prefer for this to be a poem, but honestly anything is fine. Minimum amount of words is 50 and maximum is 120.
    Connection- This prompt is based in a book I read called Revolution by Jennifer Donelly. What I want you to do is write a story (has to be prose) about someone 100 years from now (2119) who finds a letter/diary from someone 100 years ago (1919). What does it say? What happens? It's up to you to decide! Word count has to be between 200-3000.
    The End- What does this phrase mean to you? Write about it! This has to be in the form of a poem, but it can be about anything as long as some form of "the end" is present. Word count is 20-100.
    Hero- For this prompt I want you to write about a hero. It can be any kind of hero you want (superhero, modern day hero, etc). This has to be in prose, and the word count is 200-1000.
    Legend- I want you to write a modern day take on an old fairy tale. Spin it off as much as you want as long as I can tell which fairy tale it is. Write in prose, and word count is 400-900 words. Put what fairy tale you did in the description of your piece.

    1. Deadline is September 31. Anything posted after that will not be accepted. Results will be posted by October 5.
    2. COMMENT if you are going to enter! Then comment a link to your piece once it is posted so I will see it faster.
    3. You MUST use the #HomoSapiensStory in your title, else I will not see it.
    4. You MUST include which prompt you are writing for in the description of your piece.
    5. You may use writing you have already done as long as it fits the prompt.
    6. You may NOT use other people's writing. The work must be completely your own.
    7. You may enter for each of the prompts, but no more than once.
    8. If you judge me for my choice of hashtag, you are immediately disqualified, no acceptions.
    9. If you do not win, please be a good sport (there will be a 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, and honorable mention for each prompt).

    1st place: 3 detailed reviews on pieces of your choice, 5 comments on pieces of my choice, 5 likes on pieces of my choice, a shoutout in my bio, and a follow (if I'm not following you already)
    2nd place: 2 detailed reviews on pieces of your choice, 3 comments on pieces of my choice, 3 likes on pieces of my choice, a shoutout in my bio, and a follow (if I'm not following you already)
    Honorable Mention: 1 detailed review on a piece of your choice, 2 likes on pieces of my choice, and a shoutout in my bio

Good luck to all, and happy writing!

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  • amohn04

    Here's my entry for the perspective prompt:

    11 months ago
  • Dmoral

    Perspective Prompt: She's the Wanderer, He's the Navigator

    11 months ago
  • weirdo

    ahhhh im so sorry. gah my brain hasn’t been working lately. i would write another entry but i haven’t been able to really write anything besides random blurbs lately. hope you get lots of entries and, once again, sorry.

    11 months ago
  • weirdo

    prompt 1

    11 months ago
  • pineapples

    awesome prompts!
    here's my piece for the heartbreak prompt

    11 months ago
  • Dmoral

    of course! anytime! if you ever have any other questions, feel free to ask :)

    11 months ago
  • bwaydreams <3

    @Dmoral13 thanks so much!

    11 months ago
  • Dmoral

    It's quite alright, and-peggy.
    Go to 'manage versions'
    Click 'unpublish this version'
    Go back to 'options'
    Hit "publish this version for peer review"
    Go to "publish"
    and BOOM! done :)

    and thank you.

    11 months ago
  • amohn04

    These are great prompts, and_peggy! I will definitely enter one or more of them :)

    11 months ago
  • New York_dreamer

    Super amazing prompts! Will be working hard on these!! :)

    11 months ago
  • Victoria Martin

    This is an awesome contest. These prompts will keep me writing for at least the next month, hope my English teacher doesn't mind some late assignments

    11 months ago
  • parachutes_the_idiot

    Hey! I just entered your contest in the Heartbreak section, but I’m 25 words over, and cant tweak it anymore.......i hope you can still accept it anyways!!!!!!! Love the prompts btw.

    11 months ago