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Life is short but it's OUR life. Make it count.

15 Years

April 27, 2016

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Fifteen. A relatively small number, but at the same time, it's packed full with memories, emotions, and all sorts of crazy adventures...

15 years of sadness, the death and loss of family and friends along the way.
15 years of happiness, the trips to Florida and sharing of family stories.
15 years of fear, horror movies watched late at night with monsters under my bed.
15 years of joy, the knowledge I am saved and there's nothing to fear.
15 years of crazy, through sweat and tears, and rage and joy, the loss of people and gaining of new ones. 

My life has been short, but it's been amazing. The journey of my life is only beginning and I can't wait to see what else lies ahead.


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1 Comment
  • caswin1

    This is great! exceedingly poetic, and really well written!

    about 4 years ago