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I am a young writer in high school who writes for the fun of it. The things I love to read/write are fantasy, sci-fi stores, and cute, fluffy romance stuff. Plus a twinge of angst here and there.

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I am still a rookie when it comes to spelling and punctuation. However I am trying my best at all of these, so go easy on me!


April 27, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Years ago
I was born
Into this crazy world.
Never would I have expected
The ups and downs I would
Face in my upcoming years of life.
From deaths to life to making new friends,
I never thought I would have such an effect
On anyone or thing in the very short amount of
Time I have been on this earth, this big world that
Is full of wonder and new experiences, ones that make me who
I am. And as I get closer and closer to the world outside
My school walls, I will grow more and more worried each day because there
Are so many wonders I have yet to face in my near future to come.



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