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The Color of Words

By: Rachel the Author

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

Words are a cacophonous assortment of immeasurable moments. They can be soft like feathers, or rough like stone. They can be bright like the sun or dark like the bruised twilight after a sunset. They can be big and bold or small and shy. Words can be anything you want them to be. Just let them be YOU.

Message to Readers

The first color I made was made in a joking manner. This is a more serious piece and I hope you all enjoy.

Peer Review

The phrase "bruised twilight after a sunset" is not only beautifully worded, but it creates a vivid image that really sticks in my mind.

While your piece is excellent, color isn't really described, therefore I cannot answer this question.

Reviewer Comments

First off, your piece is beautifully worded, and the comparisons really stick in my mind. Also, the message is a really important message that was incorporated very well. However, a color isn't described, so it doesn't really follow the prompt. How could you change the piece to include color without removing the message? Also, the wording and tone of the first sentence doesn't flow with the rest of the piece. How could you reword the first sentence so it flows with the rest of the piece? Overall, the piece is well written, and you did do a wonderful job describing images. Keep writing!