these are my letters
to myself.

Message to Readers

wow how original city = bad, wilderness = good, how literally romantic, go back to the eighteenth century you talentless hack

human decay

September 14, 2019



the roadkill on the sidewalk
i overstep
abandoned parking lot
the gang kids lear and howl
hooded snouts
the peel of sunburn
like lacewings cling 
to swinging fists
my footsteps turn to shouts
i pass
the haunted house
and obese 
apartment complex, graffiti 
green, traffic light
yellow, grass
hiding me
while faces scratched 
into vending machine
i have forgotten where i am walking
and all i have seen
the city,
the city,

watch how she breathes.


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1 Comment
  • BurningMidnightOil

    This piece was a joy to read. Your syntax is impressive as is your imagery. I really quite liked it. Well done!

    about 1 year ago