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Grace Ow


Since I was young, I was a voracious reader and had a deep love of words and the way they could be used to convey meaning. I hope that my words and my stories would have a positive impact on others.

Message to Readers

It doesn't really have any structure even though it's a poem (sort of), so please comment on how I should divide up my stanzas.


April 27, 2016



I am an open book
My thoughts written out for everyone to read
One only needs to skim through the pages
To understand my words and speak my language

There are some people in this world who are afraid of translation
They think it is better that no one understands them
Dreads the day someone knows them inside out
The way you know every single word in a favourite book
The worn-out pages that curl in on themselves
The stark black font staring back at them like a reflection
I am not one of those people
I love words
Eyes are the windows to your soul but words are the doors
That when opened can send you into a journey through someone else’s world
Through the stories told in these pages
Most people understand my how but not my why
My choice to give everything of myself away
It is more difficult for me than most think
But years have taught me that the only way to be free
Is to give more than you will ever get
To not let the gravity of vulnerability bring you down

I hope this is some kind of explanation
Hopefully you will understand why I am what I am
And that when I read your stories
No matter how elusive
I can always sense your shadow somewhere
Even in some corner of this wonderful construction you have built around yourself
I will always able to understand your music


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