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Uni's been...something else, but at least something great has come from it.

The Girl, The Boy

April 27, 2016


There's a girl in my class who was an unexpected find. She is so incredibly kind and passionate and is always willing to give advice to help my drastically-poor-by-comparison art skills. We often share glances, then burst into giggles without saying a word. My soul lights up every time I see her, speak with her, think of her.
There's a boy in my class who was an unexpected find. He is funny and genuine and truly gives me every bit of his attention when I speak because I can see it. Conversation comes so easily when we talk, no awkward silences, twiddling thumbs, or quick glances around the room in search of distraction. It is the first time where I’ve felt that I’ve truly clicked with another person.
Her eyes are the moon, gentle and guiding.
His smile is the sun, radiant and refreshing.
And I love them both so much.


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