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I'm a person with to many things in my head, and not enough creativity to write them. But I hope I improve and I hope to have my pieces enjoyed.

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What you will find here is the product of rare instances in which I actually write something. I hope you enjoy.


April 27, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

One, six, 2 years until you’re a legal adult, 5 years until you’re the big 21. But there’s nothing really special about this number, you’re not the dancing queen yet, and your probably in the worst year of school in your life.
It’s an age of angst and rebellion, an age of cliche parties and ‘finding yourself’ in the chaotic world around you, it’s an age of confusion where you have just left behind your childhood and your adult life is ahead of you, but you’re stuck in limbo, not quite a teenager but not quite grown-up enough to call yourself an ‘adult’. It’s an age of experimentation, but it’s were a lot of the pieces of your heart are lost and replaced with new ones. It’s an age where your eyes are open to the inner workings of the world, which sometimes make you want to close your eyes and go back to dreaming of what was.
But being 16 is agonizingly painful. It is a year that drags itself out into a decade, making everything slow itself down like its suspended in caramel. Slowly, so slowly, dripping down into the end of the year, where you can finally taste it's sweet, syrupy goodness. Being 16 means that your only 12 unbearable months away from being young and free, dancing and jiving. 12 months away from having the time of your life. 12 months away from being the Dancing Queen. 


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