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Missed you

April 27, 2016


Tick tick tick
You glanced anxiously at the clock, hoping that he would come back when he had promised to. It had been about a month since you last saw him and honestly speaking you really missed his touch. He was away preparing for the groups comeback and you understood that his schedule was really packed, which resulted in you planning and preparing for “operation relax ”. It was a simple plan of having a movie marathon for the night. Nothing too extravagant yet not something that looked like you didn’t put any effort into. You were about to call him when suddenly the doorbell rang, startling you.
Racing to the door, you flung it open and jumped into his arms. He nearly trips, shocked from your sudden affection at his arrival. Regaining his balance, he chuckled quietly, kicking the door shut after entering. He kissed your forehead, murmuring quietly into your hair, “Did you really miss me that much?” Instead of giving a proper reply, you let out a contented sigh, finally able to cuddle with him. You missed the warmth that came from being wrapped up in his arms, it had honestly been too long since you two had been together. You felt his chest vibrating against your cheek, melodic laughter emitting from his mouth. He carefully carried the both of you to the couch, trying not to break any precious decoration pieces on his way into the living room. Gently setting you down on the couch, he tossed his duffle bag onto the other couch.
“I really, really, really missed you.” You whispered to him after he had settled down next to you on the couch. You cuddled up to him, nuzzling your nose into his neck. Your sudden affection surprised him, he thought that he was used to all of your antics, having been with you for around a year. Grinning brightly, he wrapped his arms around your body, surfing the internet until he came to a site that had One Piece. The both of you were fans of the anime, having met each other at an anime convention in Korea. You were hardly surprised at the choice of anime since he had missed out on several episodes due to his packed schedule that consisted of promotions and practice sessions.
The both of you sat in a comfortable silence, the anime playing in the background. You tried to stifle a yawn, worn out from the day. You tried keeping your eyes open, wanting to enjoy the time with him. Unfortunately for you, your boyfriend was very observant. He noticed your eyes starting to close and giggled at your sleepy expression. He paused the anime, picking up the laptop and carrying you into the bed room. The both of you had changed into pyjamas and finishing your nightly routine after greeting him at the door. Your eyes started to close, unable to fight the sleep. Just as it was about to drag you into the dreamworld, faint sweet nothings graced your ears.
“Goodnight, love.” 


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  • KathWrites

    I like the second paragraph the most, the actions were described vividly. It's so sweet too!! >.

    over 2 years ago
  • KathWrites

    Hahaha Maeve, One Piece, nice!!

    over 2 years ago