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Maeve Wong

Hong Kong


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Write from your heart, not for the sake of writing.


April 27, 2016



The sun hit her raven black hair, making it seem as if it was shimmering whilst she sat near the windowsill, reading her favourite novel.
 A simple memory that constantly haunted him, reminding him just how much he could have avoided the current situation if he had made an effort to change. Sighing, he took another long sip from the glass of red wine. Staring at the wall that was showered in memories of him and her. Photos of that ghostly smile decorated and filled the entire wall. The smile that managed to reach into the crevice of his mind and unlock memories that he tried so desperately to lock away. Buried under thousands of other regrets, like a Pandora’s box, he had never meant for it to be opened. Yet nothing could stop the immense pain that he felt coursing through his mind. Running his hands through his hair in frustration, frowning as his mind replayed the moment, memories flurrying in his head, overwhelming him.
The clock had struck midnight, the chiming of the bell causing his headache to worsen. The room was a mess, shattered glass littered the floor, paintings were ripped, it was like a tornado had just visited the room. Finally the pain began to fade away to reveal her standing in front of him in all her glory. Her once soft hazelnut eyes now revealed hurt and desperation. The tears swimming around her eyes, itching to be released, to finally taste freedom as they cascade down her crimson cheeks. Yet she resisted. He could see her hopeful façade start to shatter, her walls coming up once again, locking her out and keeping her safe from him. His empty promises of never hurting her left his mind as his palm made contact with her cheek, turning it blood red. He was too far gone and just like that, she fled the room, tears streaming endlessly from her eyes. She was never going to come back and he knew that.
Still he wonders, would it be the same if he had not snapped at her, had not gotten drunk or done everything he had to hurt her. Would they still be together? Or would they still be in this mess, both broken and irreparable, still clutching onto reflecting on the days when they were happy. Maybe it was fate telling him to let her go, to not let her suffer any longer. She did not deserve horrible treatment or an abusive boyfriend who got drunk on jealousy.  He yanks his hair in frustration, letting out a howl of pain. Drunk, bitter and melancholic, his tears finally surfaced. Regret taking over him as he cried out for her. Wishing, hoping, praying that she would just walk through the old oak door, a smile on her face, reassuring him that everything would be alright and that they would be alright.
He rested his head against the wall, agony written on his face. His tears had dried, leaving crusted streaks across his face as he recollected himself.
Besides, an angel and a devil were never meant to be together. 


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