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Maeve Wong

Hong Kong


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Write from your heart, not for the sake of writing.


April 27, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

This can’t be happening, I’m dreaming, aren’t I?
Your heart pounds rapidly in your chest as he’s rushed into the emergency room. He’s accompanied by the frantic yells of the doctor and the nurses in the background but none of these noises really register in your mind. All you can focus on is the accident.
Thinking back to the incident, it had really been your fault, hadn’t it? He wasn’t the one who brought it up, it was you. If it weren’t for you he wouldn’t be in that dreaded room, hanging onto the fabric of life, desperately making an attempt to escape the jaws of death.
I’m never letting go of you, ever.
You finally notice the exhausted nurse who has been trying to grab your attention for the last few minutes. She speaks calmly and quietly to you, but you just resume staring at the room. Her words make no sense to you and soon enough she leaves you alone in the dark, empty hall.
I’m always going to be here, even if you get sick of me.
The black clock of death continues ticking as the seconds pass by painfully slowly. Your hands are clenched and your body crouched over your seat as you silently pray for him to be safe. Perspiration trails evident on your face as whole body begins to tremble, the fear finally setting in. What would you do if he didn’t make it out alive? What would you be without him? Even the thought of a life without him, much less a happy one made your stomach clench and do somersaults. 
You feel something creeping down your face. You’re not sure if it’s the perspiration or the tears. You’re not sure how long you’ve been waiting, what you’ve been doing, why you were crying. Nothing made sense, nothing ever made sense without him around.
Stay strong, my love.
All you remember is a light tap on your hunched shoulders, a petite nurse in her clean, white uniform and your swollen, red lips parted in a scream. Yet the scream never made its way out of your throat as your nails raked against the chair you once sat on. How you made it to the floor in the past minute was a mystery. Hiccuping, sobbing and hysterically screaming gibberish at the sky seemed like a good stress reliever at the moment. The flustered nurse trying desperately to calm you down but to no avail. The fatigue starting to set in, your head throbbed and suddenly it was like the lights had all been turned off at once and the world became pitch black.
You promised me forever, or was that too much to ask for?
Waking up, you don’t remember why you were here, what you were doing here. This place didn’t even look familiar to you. Your memory was hazy but as it started to clear, the memories came back to you, overwhelming you. Suddenly, the room got stuffy and you were desperate for air. You gasped and choked, coughing as the tears streamed down your face like a waterfall. Was it even possible that a single person could make you feel like this?
You heard a soft knock on your door before a male doctor entered the room. He looked sympathetically at you as he explained the incident to you before offering to call any of your relatives. However, you didn’t respond to any of his attempts at speaking and remained silent throughout the entire conversation. Before long you were discharged.
The fresh air, the sound of the cars honking and someone yelling off in the distance as you smiled for the last time. Content.


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