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Hi! I'm Cierra, also known as Cece. I love writing but I am struggling to find time to finish all of my pieces. The real question is if anyone will even like my pieces enough to remember them...

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I just want honest reviews on this writing piece so I can improve for the future.

Careful Feet

January 21, 2020

Looking down. Most people consider this, upon seeing some human looking down, a sign of feeling an emotion of discomfort or sorrow. Or they could just be thinking. None the less, looking up is a good sign. You either want to see the world, or you have the choice to see it. The world was, and is, meant to be seen.

I always looked down. I wasn't sad, or confused, or scared. I was shy, yes, but no reason for looking down. I looked down so I could see my feet. I didn't want to trip. I didn't want to bump into anything, either, but my seven year-old-and-under logic was that if there was a pole or tree, I could also see it right before a painful mishap occurs. So I went through life half-knowing my surroundings, without taking things in, my dirty pink shoes my target. Smart move, Cierra.

My dad always taught me to take things in, enjoy life's simple pleasures. He was a looker. He didn't care if there was much danger involved, or possible casualties at hand. He says that we only have one life, and one world. Lives are short, and so is this world. Look up, be cautious but not scared, the view won't kill you. He also said that the unique thing about every picture, is that you can never make the exact same picture again. So, basically, I was missing a lot.

I constantly heard people say how beautiful views were all around me. It's not like I never looked up, but when I was moving down the road on pavement, you bet that I was watching my Careful Feet. I would take in views for a brief period, then guard my toes and ankles as they ventured elsewhere.

I remember one specific day, when I was walking to school, my dad said look up and stop staring at my feet. I didn't want to though. I liked staring at my feet, and I didn't want to trip on the curbs. He kept telling me to look up, and as a obedient child, I finally gave in. I glanced upwards. All I saw was the normal route I walked down everyday, so I looked down once again. Once again, my dad tells me to look up and I should see the world. I sighed. My feet look very appetizing to stare at. Should I give in like the good daughter I am, or rebel against my father and use my rights to do as I please. I looked up, and held my head high without looking down. Wow. It was like out of a movie on how different my perspective was. It was extremely beautiful, breathtaking, really. I saw the clouds forming shapes, such as a beaver. I saw the quails flaunting around, staring at us, as if saying welcome to the world, young one. I kept myself from looking at my feet. I wondered why I only stared at my Careful Feet all these years. I kept looking, taking in the details of what I walked by for years. Later that day, I tripped, scraping my knee. While looking up. Worth it.

To this day I still watch them from time to time, but I always remember to take in my one life, and make the most of it. I feel like because of my Careful Feet I actually look at the world more now. I am able to compare my old view to my new one. So, if you want to see the better in the world, watch your Careful Feet for awhile. Then look up. Look up.
This is a true story about how I started to take in a new perspective of my surroundings. I used to be so scared of being hurt that I tried to avoid life's simple pleasures. Now I don't. Now I live happier.


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