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Bridging the Gap

April 26, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

So, um, nice night, huh?
I'm not here for the view.
Oh. Well, then neither am I.
What do you mean? If you're going to talk me out of it it's not going to work.
What kind of person would I be if I didn't try?
You would be like every other person who doesn't understand me.
Have you let them?
Let them what?

Understand you.
You, you-
What? Wouldn't understand? Look.
At what?
My arm! Look at my arm, and then look me in the eye and tell me I don't understand!
I-I had no idea, I-
No. I had no idea. But now I do. You can't keep these things to yourself! You have words. Use them! Someone won't always be waiting on the bridge for you to show up! And for that matter, I-I came because, because-
Today's her birthday, isn't it?
Yeah. It is. You actually remembered?
Yeah, I did. How about we celebrate?
Yeah. Tomorrow, after school at that cupcake shop Kelsey's mom owns.
Yeah. She loved that place.
Only two rules, okay?
One: No crying. Two: No trips to the bridge alone until we celebrate. It's a deal, okay?
Okay. Wait, one more thing.
This is super sudden, and don't fall off the bridge on me, but can we call this a...um...
Yeah. Not like the food, like-
Yeah, I got ya.
Okay. You know, the view here is nice. I'm going to make a third rule.
Only come to the bridge with a buddy?
Yeah, buddy. And thanks.
For what?
Talking me out of it. It's been a while since it's felt this good to breathe.

Me too, buddy. Me too.
A story of a suicide survivor.


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