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The Trials

September 12, 2019


CADELLE                                                                                    - Chapter 1
Darkness. All around me, every corner, every angle.
“Where am I?” I whispered to myself.
I wandered within the darkness till I heard heavy breathing within the distance. Is someone else here? Or, wherever here is. I ran towards the breathing, and the closer I came to it, the stiffer the air became. I didn’t let it stop me, so I kept going, till I slammed into something hard. Backing up, I looked around, only to see complete darkness still. Although, the breathing was right in front of me. What is this? A dream? I reached out to it and skimmed my hand along, what seemed like, smooth stone? Am I in a cage of some sort? The breathing came again and the stone shifted and settled. I stepped back, looking up, only to feel the breath on my face. A hot, rushing breeze. After a short while of myself being sunken in my thoughts, I looked up to find two glowing, yellow slit eyes looking down at me. Jumping back in shock, tripping over my own feet, and landing onto the hard floor, the eyes followed. I looked around me for anything to use in defense, only to find that, one by one, torches of fire lit up, and showed the walls of the cage. Rough stone circling in a large box. I looked up to find the weird breathing figure, and froze in terror, feeling the blood drain from me.
It was a shining red, sleek, long body, with a zip-long tail and neck. Yellow lining the red underneath its body, and white jaggered claws on each foot. It had two large wings, red and yellow colors clashing together; and baring teeth, piercing eyes, flaring nostrils. It has two long horns on the top of its head, and a small horn on the top of its nose.
It was a dragon, it looked at me with “food” all over. I stood up slowly and walked backwards. The dragon stood as well, and followed and the same speed. I started to jog, then bolt for the opposite end of the cage. I didn’t dare look back, only till I reached the far wall and turned around, it was already a few meters away. The dragon’s wings were spread out, so I couldn’t escape. Its teeth were bared and those eyes were locked on me. I knew I was done for.

Run. Run. Run. The dragon was bolting after me, as if it knew exactly where I was going to go, and which turn I’d take. I was slowing down quickly, panting in stress, pushing myself away from the bridge to death. I reach a wall and stopped, trying to gain my breath once more. The dragon lurched back its neck and opened its mouth. What the hell is it doing? A red glow was growing from in its mouth. I froze, not able to move. RUN. It blasted a ray of fire just as I bolted for it, the tongues of flame licked my shoulder, making my wince in pain each time I moved it. The dragon stayed there for a few seconds, but once the fire died down, it blinked in confusion. It swung its head around and roared in defiance to find I had escaped. A grin escaped my mouth as I continued running to the other end. But I think I ran out of luck. The torches that were lighting the box died off. Darkness again, this won’t help at all. I scowled in frustration. I knew I had to stay by the walls and look for those two yellow eyes. Only this time, there was nothing. No breathing, no fire. A square light appeared on the other side of the box, although it looked miles away, and there the dragon was, blocking my path. I started walking, keeping my breath calm. But just as a made a few steps I heard distant cheers from outside the light from the other end. What? Is this some kind of competition? I held back my thoughts and continued walking. The dragon growled louder the closer I came. I didn’t look at it, only the light on the other end. Walking right around the dragon, it didn’t even try to stop her, only watch. As if it gave up, but once I was a few steps away from the light, I looked around, and the dragon wasn’t there anymore. I frowned, but didn’t let it bother me.. With each step, the cheering from the outside became louder. Once I stepped out from the box the burst of light blinked me, but the cheering grew. Then a loud voice took over the sound.
“Our first winner of The Trails! Let’s celebrate shall we!”

To be continued...
This isn't the first creative, fantasy Nonfiction novel I've make, but it's probably my favourite planned out one yet!
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    about 1 year ago
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    It's a cool piece! I'm current;y writing my own book too if you need inspiration. Anyway, I can see this as a full-on story. You have talent! Keep it up.

    about 1 year ago