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For What it's Worth... by Jordan Monique Horne

September 18, 2019

I tune out the world with my beautiful music. They told me if I had a talent, then I should use it. I came up in a small town like Laurel Mississippi. It wasn't perfect, you'll hear a few gun news and shootings. Parents tried to keep me away from it all. They were trying not to let me fall. To be honest, it didn't help because my eyes and ears were still bare. It was like the whole world was unfair. It was like no one had no kind of love. Gratefully, we still kept everything pushing and kept our heads up. I had all these dreams, but didn't know what to do. I was always worrying about life and school. Luckily, I escaped through writing and singing skills. I always wanted to pay my family's bills. Everything in our family wasn't good. Through it all, they still told me to shine as I should. Sometimes I had so many breakthroughs. Since I was raised in the church, I knew what to do. Sometimes my mind would get so frustrated. Through it all, I always focused on getting educated. People always questioned the type of girl I was, my feelings, and my personality. To be honest, I don't know how I feel. To be honest, I just want to grow and heal. To be honest, I just want someone to love me for me. I want everyone to look inside of me. Look inside of what I think. Look inside of what has sink. Inside of me is something worth more than gold. There is a girl that's afraid, but also bold. A girl that never gives up. A girl that can be fixed with love. A girl that doesn't know where she's going. A girl that can never be defined. A girl that forever wants to shine. A girl that forever gets to thinking. A girl that's always in her feelings. A girl that wants her dreams to come alive. She admires the sunlight. She needs love and help from above. She wants and needs more in life so she can see other view sites. I had to learn the hard way that me and millions of other young girls are bold and beautiful. I had to learn that we are capable and we've been strong and powerful since birth. Sometimes it takes time for someone to understand those things, but sooner or later you'll know your worth. There were people that I let drag me down with simple little words. Some of them I even called friends and instead of sticking up for me they teamed up with the enemy and shot deadly words at me. Believe or not that's how I found my worth, the more toxic shots of words they threw at me, the more I learned how to get back up from the pain to be able to keep going and create sweet juicy words to encourage myself.  People don't realize how their words effect a person. Have you ever said words that changed someone life? Were they negative or positive? I want you to realize and remember that the words that you say aren't just words. The words you say can shoot through anything with the power of a tongue and attitude. The words you say can sound so peaceful, beautiful, and flow through someone's mind and make them feel like somebody. Words that end up getting through skin. Words that crash down the body. Words that break the heart. Words that transitions into the eyes and transforms into tears that flow through every part of the body that has been damaged. The body then takes in the tears and brutal words, and grows from the pain inside the cries and takes in the brutal words deeply and decides to bring out nourishing and lightning words and emotions. Words from the heart that gives kindness, happiness, and joy to everyone including its enemies no matter what. Words from the mind that gets people thinking it's never filled with negativity and it has always been cared for. Words from the soul that delivers a warm, fun loving, and God giving spirit that some people abandon and take advantage of. The body that all these words come from has been bruised, tortured, and teared down, filled up, trapped, and haunted by words that unhappy people has leveled it down with. The body that has been over washed by tears. The body that has been over tossed and overturned by anger ,confusion, sadness, and fears. All this was done by words. All this was done with words. All of this damage was done because of words. The words you say to a person might not pass someone's shoulder. Sometimes ,well most of the time, those words will go to the heart, mind, and soul. People just don't realize the actions their words do to the body will leave those lonely nights even more cold. Some people take it as the gospel truth and take the pain away by popping pills then end up six feet under because they couldn't take the hurt any more. I'm here to tell you every single person on this Earth, no matter what, was made wonderfully complex. Do you really think God would waste his time making you? He made you so you can make your mark in this world and to make your name bigger than any enemy's words. Trust me it'll take time, but you'll know your worth with the right words, I did, and you will because of what it's worth and what your worth.


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  • poetic dreams

    Thank you rosemarywisdom!!

    5 months ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    I like this piece! Your opinions are clear, you write fluently and I love your writing style!

    5 months ago