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Hi! I'm Lilly and I love writing and talking to people about their or my work! I also like pancakes, rain and reading :) Any feedback is always appreciative on any of my work, I think my writing style varies quite a bit but I hope you enjoy it!

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To answer a common question I get my inspiration from observation of myself, other people and usually day dreaming :)

Anger is a short man

April 26, 2016


Anger is a short man, with a red suit and tie
Piggy eyes, a short tempered guy
Confusion is an old man who makes every light go dim
Bewildered, staring at everything around him
Happiness is a small girl with big eyes
They are as blue as the sky where she flies
Jealousy is an old woman haggard and hunched
A guilty dress that is creased and bunched
Excitement is a young boy with white hair and clothes
Never stops running, never slows
Sadness is a girl in a frayed black dress
Sat in the corner, trapped in a whirlwind of distress
Fear has a black robe and milk coloured skin
It stays silent slowly drifting, fingers sharp as pins
No matter, where you are, how you are one is in control
Throughout you life as a whole
And no matter what you do they are always there
But emotions are nothing to scare 


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  • April 26, 2016 - 12:31pm (Now Viewing)

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  • outwalkingthelights

    hi! I love the imagery in this piece, it's so powerful - i can really see the people/emotions clearly :)
    (also to answer your question in the review of Careless - it is from personal experience, my parents separated a few months ago and my dad moved out. But it is heavily exaggerated)

    over 2 years ago