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Hi! I'm Lilly and I love writing and talking to people about their or my work! I also like pancakes, rain and reading :) Any feedback is always appreciative on any of my work, I think my writing style varies quite a bit but I hope you enjoy it!

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To answer a common question I get my inspiration from observation of myself, other people and usually day dreaming :)

The New Man

April 26, 2016


Night had settled on the small seaside town, a ghostly moon watched over as wispy clouds trailed by the navy cloak of the sky. Lights were glowing through windows from cosy houses and cottages. The constant calls of seagulls had been silenced as the birds nestled, folding their wings and bowing their heads. And the creaking forest swayed in the gentle wind posing no threat to the town.
The shallow wash of the ocean breathed in the night, blowing its salty spray softly. The dark waters pushed upwards as arms of water reached up the wet sand only to be pulled back again.
Across the waters, up the hill, the lighthouse stood proudly spinning the yellow light across the horizon. Long beams of light danced further out to sea, they glided off the peaceful ships bobbing in the harbour left by sleepy sea men.
Through the forest and up the grassy hill it had sat for years. Up the spiral stairs in to the cosy little room at the top, a dumpy man slumped in his chair, slept. His faded name badge simply reading as ‘Eric’ glinted in the candle light. But then the gentle wind creaked open the porthole window and swept across his face. Eric snuffled slightly and blinked his eyes open. His rosy cheeks and twitching moustache came alive as his sea green eyes took in his surroundings. Sleepily in his dark blue suit he staggered to the window checking for stray ships on the ocean.
The ocean was calm and clear with no ships on the horizon. The man yawned and turned the light above him down so it dimmed and spun slower.
Whilst he fumbled closing the porthole and slumped back in to his chair to go back to his dozing, he didn’t hear the snapping of twigs outside. As a dark, unknown presence rattled through the trees staring up to the spinning light and moved towards the tower.
Suddenly the moon was covered by clouds, cosy lights in houses disappeared and a lost seagull cried out. The wind started to pick up, it whispered through the trees, shaking leaves and twigs.
At the bottom of the lighthouse, the bolted door rattled in the wind and then swung open creaking on its hinges.
Thud. Thud. Thud.
Rattling steps started to climb the spiral stairs. Each one echoed on the stone floor but failed to rouse Eric from his slumbers.
Each time the steps got louder they travelled closer and closer to Eric who remained dozing in his chair. Then the porthole blew open from the wind, jolting him awake. Instinctively he turned his chair as his locked door eased wide open.
Two rattling steps came in to the room. Eric widened his eyes and opened his mouth to scream but two hands grabbed him by the collar.
Eric was silenced.
The hands that had grabbed him pulled him up. Eric’s eyes were staring straight in to the black abyss of a skull’s eyes. He stared straight in the face of a skeleton. The face of a skeleton stared back. The skeleton then bent its head to the side, its bones cracking in their joints. It stared in to the fear held in its hand and gave a grotesque grin, its teeth bared black and cracked.
Traces of skin and features rested on the white bones like smoke; wispy and thin. The skeleton leaned in to Eric slowly and breathed in his face, its eyes ever glaring wide, Eric screamed silently as his skin melted to smoke joining the skeleton. Steam and the smell of burning flesh filled the room. The smoke churned on the skeleton taking form of sea green eyes, rosy cheeks and a twitching moustache.
The moon came back out, ghostly as ever, some candle lights appeared back in windows, and the lost sea gull settled on a tree and stayed quiet.
The New Man smiled cheerfully and dropped the former Eric, the bones of his skeleton rattling in his ribcage as they hit the floor.


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