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September 11, 2019


When I go places people stare. It's not the admiring type of stare, like I'm a celebrity. It's the kind of stare that makes your skin crawl. The kind of stare that makes people pray their future children don't end up looking like me. The kind of stare that makes you want to shrink and shrink until you are small enough that people can't see you. And then I met her. Her stare was different. There was something about her that set me at ease with her. Her smile maybe, that was true without any traces of pity. Or her eyes that lit me up from the inside with warmth. Maybe it was her embrace, like a cloud wrapping around me washing my worries away. No. It is the fact that she thinks of me as what I am. A human.


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  • K.R.M

    Amazing work.

    5 months ago
  • HermioneGranger67

    This is great work! You really use a good writing style that gets your message across! Good job! :)

    5 months ago