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April 26, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]


17, is it really any different from being 16? Apart from the now almost impossible workload - I still feel the same. I was told that I would finally grow up and become more mature, that I would see the world in a new light - which my optimism would turn into pessimism, as my thoughts would be consumed with grades and universities. I think I listened to these things a little too much, I overthought everything because I was expected to be this adult. But in reality, I'm not - and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Who actually cares if I still laugh at words like plop or have a somewhat out their imagination? Yes, my life is consumed by work, but I still take the time to watch Netflix and 'chill', and although I'm meant to have my life worked out by now, I really don't. I fluctuate between careers continuously as if I'm still a little child with optimistic dreams, but that's just it there simply dreams. The one expectation I actually met was my optimism turning into pessimism - or maybe it's just me finally getting my head out of the clouds and realising what my life actually is, because at 17 the truth is - you begin to slightly understand yourself better, you finally understand what you’re capable of and set yourself realistic aims. In a way it's sad, but that optimism inside of me hasn't disappeared just yet, maybe it'll return when I’m 21 and looking for a job, or when I’m 67 and retired. We all change with age, that's partly because we're not the only ones getting older, everyone else is too. Even the world and the latest trends are forever changing so maybe its not our age that makes us change - but instead the expectations and the society around us, which do.
My first ever published work! Hope you enjoy it :)


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