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By: BerginFlom

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

With every year we gain, we get more responsibility. When I turned 16 I got my drivers license and was able to drive wherever whenever, of coarse with my parents permission. 
I am expected to get good grades and be in three sports. Along with that be active in the community. I am expected to have fun and be social, but it is hard to do all of these things at once. 
I have balance everything out and try to fit it all in. Being 16 definitely comes with a lot of stress. I have spent countless hours doing homework. Many of those hours are very late and night and run into very early mornings. 
But I have also spent many hours having fun with my friends and made so many memories. 
I take on life day by day, year by year. My 16th year is ending soon and I am excited to see what 17 brings me.

Peer Review

"I take on life day by day, year by year..."

I like how you organized your ideas. Maybe make it less choppy?

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Good job homie.