there's something exhilarating about having a character's fate rest in your hands

Luna Y Sol

September 11, 2019


he loved her  
the way secrets love the quiet  
the way shadows love the dark  
and without an explanation  
it is just common sense  
but he is  
much too needy  
much too clingy  
much too much  
soon she wants  
no shadows, no secrets  
she begins to dread  
the dark and the quiet  
that is where he hides  
that is how he loves her  
she has grown tired  
of the undeniable  
and without an explanation  
and just common sense love  
she surrounds herself  
in music and light  
she is gone  
but he is waiting for her  
to come back  
somewhere in a dark, silent corner  
he whispers her name  
she pretends she doesn't hear  
but she does  
the music  
wasn't quite loud enough  
the lights  
were not quite bright enough  
he has come back  
she can't escape  
the shadows and quiet forever  
eventually, it ends  
and she has to go home  
with her body  
doused in light  
in it's half-hearted attempt  
to scare the shadows away  
and she is still singing  
though her voice is hoarse  
trying to fill the silence  
but it's not working  
he's back  
she sighs his name  
he is a gloomy place  
she wishes  
she didn't have to  
come back to  
but she is the moon  
she is supposed  
to live this way  
he is the sun  
when he glows  
he casts shadows and  
makes silence  
he tells her he loves her  
but his way  
of showing his love  
is not the way she wants it  
just because someone  
loves you with all they can  
doesn't mean their love  
will mean anything  
if it's not the kind that's wanted  
and his love does not mean anything  
it is not the kind that's wanted  
she does not want  
an undeniable  
and without an explanation  
and common sense love  
the sun silences the moon  
every morning to serenade her  
with it's light  
the moon doesn't  
like that at all  
she just wants someone to  
sing with her  
but the sun can't do that  
he doesn't know how to  
stop glowing so bright  
he doesn't know  
how to love  
any other way  
so every morning  
he tries to stop himself  
from silencing the moon  
but he can't  
he just can't  
and so every morning  
he shines brighter than  
a thousand stars  
singing his apologies  
to the moon  
the love of his life  
the one he will never touch  
never please  
never sing with.


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  • buddingauthor

    This is really beautiful! Well written

    12 months ago
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    contest winners are announced!

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