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September 11, 2019



i've been a patron saint of cinema since i learnt
nine times nine is eighty one
i drowned in the colours
and the skepticism of plots;
holes mostly, but plots and angles
the actresses deviant and bubbly
the actors detached
i've loved nolan and hitchcock and
xavier dolan
wong kar-wai, who makes heartbreaking
films, whimsical shots of gloomy places
i feel alive, really
i think it matters to breathe
or run away from the shackles
or take spontaneous trips
in the middle of the night
for an hour and a half
i am new
i am distant
i am there, but not quite
i am, i am, i am
i am whistling along to the tune
of people falling in love
such is the allure of that black screen
1.85:1 encompassing my fragile chest
i think i love films too much
too much sound
too much noise
too much to take in, to believe
but for one small, insignificant
i am


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