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The Call Of The Wild

By: El1678


Howl, yowl, growl
The sound of an intelligent, wild wolf
Growl, hiss, roar
The sound of a mighty, wild lion
Roar, growl, snarl
The sound of a hungry, wild grizzly bear
Snarl, snicker, bark
The sound of a sly, wild fox
Bark, howl, grunt
The sound of a cunning, wild coyote
Grunt, shriek, screech
The sound of a loud, wild eagle 
Screech, scream, cry
The sound of a startled human

Peer Review

I really like the concept of the piece!

I think adding more detail would be a good idea, maybe the setting or more insight in to the animals themselves. If your goal here was to show just the sounds they make, then that was recognizable, but honestly makes the piece seem a bit childish. Adding more detail t how they sound as well as using more descriptive words could really help the piece evolve. Overall splendid idea!!

Reviewer Comments

Always keep writing and aspire to be better :)