Hello fellow writers! My favorite book series are: Warriors, Wings of Fire, Foxcraft and Harry Potter.

-Cat lover-

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Hello! I love writing stories and I would be glad if you sent me feedback on them!

"Always chase after your dreams even if distress is along that path. Never stop dreaming, always believe in yourself and your dreams will come true," -El1678.

No matter what happens in life, you always have someone that looks out for you. They will help you chase your dreams. Ignore the ones that say you can't do it. Because you can. If you believe the beauty that rests inside yourself, you will achieve the greatness of your dreams. And remember, never stop trying no matter what happens along the way.

The Call Of The Wild

October 20, 2019


Howl, yowl, growl
The sound of an intelligent, wild wolf
Growl, hiss, roar
The sound of a mighty, wild lion
Roar, growl, snarl
The sound of a hungry, wild grizzly bear
Snarl, snicker, bark
The sound of a sly, wild fox
Bark, howl, grunt
The sound of a cunning, wild coyote
Grunt, shriek, screech
The sound of a loud, wild eagle 
Screech, scream, cry
The sound of a startled human


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