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September 10, 2019


The clock ticks on the wall
It is counting down our fall
It's going 1-2-3 then 3-2-1
At infinity or zero, our days are done
Time seems to last forever
And then it is just gone
We think we can ignore the time wherever
But then we don't know when the game was won

Sunset knew this, unlike her sister, Sunrise
Sunset was only too good at goodbyes
Ticking time-bombs invaded her dreams
Evil smiling clocks, reasons for screams
Sunrise knew sweet beginnings
Sunset knew all the ends
Sunrise knew all the winnings
Sunset knew the day's sins

Now, when Sunset woke up,
her heart leaped into her throat
The old fashioned clock beside her
Making her feel like a sinking boat

The clock smiled and Sunset cried
For she was all too good at goodbyes
The clock winked with evil eyes
She knew it was time for her to say goodbye




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  • r|A|i|N

    wow, this is such a powerful poem! thanks for entering!

    7 months ago