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By: samantha.aanenson

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

18 is adulthood.
Good luck out there.
You can buy cigarettes.
You can buy lottery tickets.
You can get your own plane tickets. 
You can reserve your own hotel room.
You get your driver's license renewed.
If you are smart enough, you can graduate high school.
You throw yourself a graduation party and walk across the stage to receive your diploma.
You have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life
You can go to college far away from everyone you know.
You can get yourself in a lot of debt.
You can undergo major stress.
You can be tried as an adult.
Good luck out there.
18 is adulthood.

Peer Review

I thought that all the examples of what being 18 entails was really great.

I thought this was a super clever way of writing. I loved how you started and ended with the same lines.

Reviewer Comments

Really unique and interesting!