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April 26, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Kennedy Gonnerman
Miss Sahly
College Writing and Research
April 26

        When I was around the age of 12-13 I could not wait till I turned 16 and then I could finally get my license. I could not wait until I could drive my friends around and take them places. But, when I finally turned 16 It was great at first! After about a month of driving my friends around it got kinda old. Whenever my friends wanted a ride I would give them rides it got old fast wasting so much gas on them. It was not everything it was talked up to be. When I turned 16 I could not wait to turn 18 so I could be done with high school and on to college, now that I am at that point I want to go back to being 16 so I would not be so stressed about everything that I have to get done! When I am in college I am sure that I will want to be about 22 so that I can be done being stressed and always worrying, but once I am 30 ish I am sure that I will want to be back in my early 20's.


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