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I'm back from the dead! Haven't posted in a really long time, but here is a random piece of writing :) We read "Crossroads: A Sad Vaudeville" in my English class and I wanted to write a one act play myself so... Here we are. Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback!

The Trainstation

September 10, 2019


The Man    The Woman The Conductor

Stage empty. Two benches are placed center stage, one faces left, the other right. A clock on the backdrop reads four fifty. A woman sits on the bench facing left. A man sits on the bench facing right. 
(A train whistle blows loudly, causing the woman to jump in her seat and the man to look around. They settle back in their positions.) 

Conductor (looking at his watch rushes in from stage left) All aboard the five o’clock! All aboard! (nervous, muttered to himself) I have a schedule to keep! 

Man (freezes in place as he brings his lighter to the cigarette in his mouth. Remains this way until told otherwise)

Woman (she is very pretty and wearing a yellow dress and a bonnet)(sighs and leans back in her chair) I guess that’s my train. My new life. (she looks around nervously and stands, suitcase in hand. As she plopped back onto the chair,) Oh who am I kidding?! I don’t belong in the city! I’m a small town girl. What was I thinking?! Acting! I should just go home to my family. (she sits up straight) Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll take my things and go home. Mother and Father will be happy. Who ever heard of an actress in the family? I’d be a disgrace if I got on the train. (she slumps a little) Wouldn’t I?

Man (Unfreeze. He continuously clicks his lighter attempting to light a cigarette)

Woman (she turns and glares at the man) Do you have to do that?

Man (looks at her) Oh! Sorry. (reaches into his bag and pulls out a cigarette. He offers it to the woman) Want one?

Woman (glares at him for a moment before sighing and taking the cigarette) Sure, why not? (she puts it in her mouth and allows the man to light it. She takes a long drag.) What’s in the paper?

Man (looks at the newspaper in his lap) Thirteen dead in train crash, sounds like it was near here, but I haven’t read it yet.(lights his cigarette and exhales a puff of smoke. His gaze is fixed forward) You look lost.

Woman (defensively) So what if I am? I doubt there’s anything you could do to help me. 

Man I happen to be very wise, if you must know. 

Woman Oh really? (pause as they both puff another cloud of smoke) Well then, wise guy, where are you heading?
Man (serious) Nowhere.

Woman (scoffs) Nowhere?

Man (motions with his cigarette bearing hand) I am going nowhere and everywhere.

Woman How so?

Man I sit here. 

Woman (skeptical) So you go nowhere?

Man And everywhere. 

Woman (laughs but then stops herself) Oh, you’re serious?

Man Dead. 

Woman Curiouser and curiouser. (pause while they both take a drag of their cigarette and puff the smoke) How does that qualify you to help me?

Man Because I’ve been everywhere. You learn something new everywhere you go. 

Woman So you really think you can help me?

Man (Pauses and shifts in his seat. His expression is serious. He points at her with his cigarette bearing hand) Yes. 

Woman (leans her head in her hand) Alright then, help me.

Man I will. (he shifts in his seat again, fully facing her) So, I met this man, and he’s going through a crisis.

Woman What crisis?

Man (short pause as he thinks.) He had a decision to make. 

Woman Yeah?

Man Yeah, he was very distraught over this decision. He stood in the center (points to the center of the room) and he stared at the clock intensely. Every once in a while, he’d look at one of the tracks. Sometimes the left, sometimes the right. (he throws his cigarette on the ground) I asked him, “Hey, something the matter?” but he doesn’t answer. I watch him continue on in this state for twenty minutes, maybe more. Then, he finally goes to himself, “I have a decision to make.”

Woman And what did you say?

Man Same thing I say to everyone! “You look lost,” I said, then he said, “I’m bloody well lost.” I offered him a cigarette, which he refused so I lit it myself. He was silent for a minute more before telling me, “What does it matter? Which train I get on.” and I say, “Well, you’ll end up in two different places,” then he interrupts me, saying, “Obviously, but no matter which way I go will I be more or less happy than I am at this moment?” 

Woman Let me guess, he stumped you. 

Man He stumped me. I sat there dumbfounded! I had no idea this man’s situation and which direction would make him happy, and I really didn’t like not knowing!

Woman (short pause) So what did you tell him?

Man (leans forward) I told him, “Look, you’re going to have to take more than one risk in your lifetime. Chances are you’ve already done it a couple of times. But what you need now is to trust that you will get your reward, no matter which you choose.” 

Woman And what did he do? 

Man He stood there until both trains were in the station and he looked at both of them, much like you right now, and he got on one. 

Woman So the moral of your story is to just make a decision? 

Man If that’s what you took from it. 

Woman (scoffs) 

Conductor (runs in from the left) All aboard the five o’clock! Last call! Everyone get on board! (he exits to the left)

Woman (freeze everything again) But what of my fate? (unfreeze. to the man) So this man’s fate would all end up the same no matter what train he took? 

Man (shrugs) I dunno. But you’re about to miss your train. 

Woman (takes a deep breath and stands, suitcase in hand, turns to the man) Goodbye. 

Man (tips an imaginary hat and opens his newspaper again)     
Woman (turns to the left and walks forward) 



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