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April 26, 2016

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Jack Baustian
Miss Sahly
College Writing and Research
26 April 2016    
    When I was an adolescent I always thought I could do anything when I was 18, I am considered an adult and anything illegal that I do would go on my permanent record. Before being 18 I was always thinking I could get pulled over and get a ticket but it wouldn't matter because my record would reset when I turn 18, now its here and there is no turning back. Granted I wouldn't do any of these things on purpose anyway, that't just what I thought of when being 18. 
    Eightteen seemed so far away, and back in October when school started I thought it was a really long way away with plenty of time until my birthday. This has been the fastest school year so far, and Im glad what I have accomplished and experienced but next year I will miss seeing my friends everyday. I will have to make new friends in a new place, but I look forward to seeing my classmates flourish in all aspects of life.


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