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I love to read and write. I like the books Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and Wings of Fire. I could rant for hours about Percy Jackson. I think Keefe is best for Sophie. I like the night sky too. I also believe in Jesus Christ.

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I am a child of Christ the Lord. I'm an animal lover and love to read and write. I'm homeschooled and part of 4-H. I love nature and outdoors. I love fall and the night sky. I'm a Love to take photography and drawing. I write for the joy of it and to write fantasies that could never happen. I love to write because I get to let my imagination lose and, trust me, I dream of a lot of things that could never happen in real life but could happen in a book.

Moon’s Faces

September 9, 2019

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

1. A silver medallion amongst lose grains of salt.

2. She is known for her calming nature, for one to look up see her face amongst the stars. For others, they see a man in the moon, face carved in crater and beaming with dimples.

3. In darkness, shadowy deserts and celestial seas, silver up above or in watery grasp, a perfect circle or ripply features. We see her offend, common amongst ice chips.


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  • Jason_claire :)

    I like the way you describe the moon. It's so angelic and soothing. I'd listen to a Percy Jackson rant. I'm always into a Rick Riordan yelling debate :) Also, I love Wings of Fire. Sort of random info no one asked for, but I'm and IceWing, how about you?

    6 months ago