Emily Scoggins

United States

Here to Stay

September 9, 2019


I met a lady once,
at a Starbucks in the city.
She looked quite friendly,
and was honestly very pretty.
As I looked down at her bag,
something caught my eye,
and seeing it there 
made me feel like I could fly.
It was nothing special,
a pen with a rainbow.
In the rainbow were three letters,
allowing me to know.
And when I saw the letters, 
I looked her in the eyes,
and asked a simple question,
"Do you like girls or guys?"
I knew that it was forward, 
but I just had to ask.
And when she looked at me,
she knew she needn't wear a mask.
"My girlfriend and I are here
celebrating Pride."
I stared at her, 
eyes big,
smile wide. 
"I live in Texas,
my girlfriend isn't here.
We aren't out yet,
still closeted in fear."
She looked away sadly,
releasing a single tear.
"It's terrible that that is a sentence we still have to hear.
But it's gonna be alright,
this I know."
And with a wave she turned, 
time for her to go.
Slowly I waved back, 
and my heart began to swell,
knowing she was right,
all would soon be well. 
So thanks to the lady in Starbucks, 
for showing me the way,
and for helping remind me
that we are here to stay.


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1 Comment
  • Bookworm101

    I love this piece! It's so impressive that you managed to create a gorgeous, inspiring poem, and still rhyme!

    10 months ago