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I believe I'm quite a bubbly person in contrast to the things that I write. But, we write to feel and to evoke those feelings in our readers and this shared concept, to me at least, is beautiful.

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A dark turn on a mundane object?

Pillow #raincontest

September 10, 2019


There are the fragile women in the movies that dramatically throw themselves across the room, onto beds, clutching pillows and allowing their tears to soak into the silky material. They clutched them for comfort, the same way a child does after waking from a night terror. The rectangles of fluff are the key to surviving the night.

There are also the moments, past the fragility, where a women would reach the end of her tether and she would claw at the pillows. Her tormenting cries filled the room, full of either hatred or heartbreak - sometimes both. And the clawed-at pillow is thrown across the room in the midst of her fit as she tries to find a way to release the pain that is splintering her heart.

There are the moments of love. These soft rectangles gently hold her head, a support in the most intimate moments. The tears that once fell are replaced by little beads of perspiration signalling the lust that filled the room, filled the women. Ecstasy at it's finest, without the need for a pill.

These pillows bared witness to all of these live moments and more, capturing the secrets spilled in the women's dreams. Their desires and fears transported and hidden amongst the cotton with the grasping of it's edges. The perfect place to store a secret.

And it's secrets were more than the comfort, or craving of another's touch - more than the night terrors or moments of lust. As much as the pillow provided safety, it could provide destruction which would be discovered with the smothering of her final breath. 


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  • r|A|i|N

    i love this use of the prompt! you clearly convey an interesting meaning while maintaining an elegant and flowing tone. great job and thanks for entering!

    7 months ago