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April 26, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Makayla Huisman

    17 is a year of lifelong memories, a time of learning and when you meet some of your best friends. 17 is what every child waits for. It's the time of your life. But is 17 really all that much different than 16 or 18? While we get older, we gain more responsibility and expect new adventures. Having been able to drive at 16 and being a legal adult at 18, how and why does 17 stick out and make it so much better than either of those two ages?
    17. A year between two that change your life. A year that doesn't necessarily make big changes in your life. However, 17 entails tiny and minute details that make living life greater than we could ever imagine. At 17 it's not about huge goals to achieve or a time to change your life, but it's about a time to sit back in the world and enjoy your life. To reflect on what you've become and where you're going. A time to see the people around you and realize what you have before it's time to move on to a new age. At 17, it's time to live.
    With becoming 17 years old comes a lifetime of memories with your family and friends, a time to learn from mistakes, and a time to show the world who you really are. Your family and friends help make your 17th year one to never forget. From birthday parties and holiday celebrations with the people you love to late night bonfires and drive-in movies with the friends you'll never forget, 17 brings to life a whole new adventure. Mistakes happen and need to be learned from. Being old enough to make decisions results in some wrong ones but 17 brings on the knowledge and wisdom to learn from these and make it right. At 17 you don't make huge decisions to live on your own or jump right into college but you get to make the decision of who you see yourself being and who you want to be. You get to dream about the future and work towards those goals. You get to show people just what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. You get to dream. 
    Though 17 might seem to be just a number, 17 is adventurous and a time to live. 17 is the seemingly small number that doesn't involve getting your drivers license or graduating high school. 17 is just what it seems to be. A time to sit back and reflect on the world. 


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