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17 years

By: TaylerHoogeveen

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

    Seventeen was the year of learning for me, it was the year of choices and of finding myself. I had a lot of personal experiences that helped me realize I need to let go of thoughts, friends, and things that don't serve me. I have to allow myself to be put first sometimes, because I matter too. I had to let go of friendships that I thought would last forever, and prepare to let go of friendships that I know won't last after going off to college. In regards to college, I had to commit to a school and prepare to leave my home, my town and everything that I know and that's safe to me. It was a year of preparing to let go of things, accepting things, and finding who I am as a person. I found my interests, my hobbies, my passion in life. I had to accept things that went on with friends and family in order to move forward. I let go and learned a lot, and I'm grateful for this year for teaching me that I matter, that I can survive things I think I can't, and that I can make it through. 

Peer Review

Where you say "I had to accept" really touched me.

I almost felt as if we were having a deep conversation. This year, I also had quite a few experiences that even made me question the thoughts of others, that made me, change myself and put myself into others shoes. That I matter too. I see so many people doing so much for others and receiving so little in return, pushed to the side once again, manipulated and misused, left, to be called on again.

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