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A Butterfly's Effect

September 11, 2019

    Cancer ruins a lot of things. Whenever you think about childhood cancer, you think about toddlers and young kids in the hospital, who are fighting to survive and who still have that innocent glow, despite the struggle. That wasn't me. You never picture the older kids. The teenagers, dealing with middle school, sports, homework, relationships...cancer. My teenage cancer led to my depression, which led to my inability to know how to interact with other people. Life dealt me all the wrong cards, but what I didn't realize back then, is that there's still more than half a deck to go. It took me years to build my confidence up to where I am today, and that occurred in part because of one person: my aunt.
    Everyone wishes to impact another person in some huge way. Hopefully more than one. My aunt managed to touch the lives of people all over the world through our Masonic Youth Group, Job's Daughters International, and her partnership with the Pay it Forward Foundation. She inspired so many people to do kind acts for others by doing kind acts herself. Her impact on other people has inspired me to try and connect with people the way she has, but for me, it is through writing.
    She has done a ton for me personally too. Not only is she willing to give me rides across the state, and lend me money if I need it, but she also is someone that I can open up to about anything. She knows just the right thing to say in order to make me feel better. It is because of our interactions that I've begun to improve on the communication skills I lost from those years of depression.
    A program like the Pay it Forward one is essential for combatting issues like mine. It causes people to step outside of their comfort zones, to interact with strangers, and bring more kindness into the world.  When one person does a kind act for another, both people are left feeling better. You never know what even the tiniest kind act can do for someone. So, when that effect is multiplied by three, or four kind acts, that's more people that have been touched, and more lives that have been changed, whether that was the intention or not.  It's the way the general human nature responds to kindness.
    One of the most influential things my aunt did was meet with the governor of our state to institute a World "Pay it Forward" Day on April 28th. A day specifically meant for doing kind things for other people. If even one person does something for someone else, shouldn't that cause the world to change? If multiple people do something for multiple people, shouldn't that change continue to grow, and grow and grow, until the world is filled with kindness? Shouldn't this butterfly effect be something that everyone strives for, that everyone hopes to someday achieve? Kindness can better this world infinitely, all starting with one small act, one small word, one small thing that can end up changing the world.
"That's me, and that's three people, and I'm going to help them, but it has to be something really big, something they can't do by themselves, so I'd do it for them, and they do it for three other people, that's nine; do three more, that's gets big really fast, you know?"
-Pay it Forward Movie (2000)

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  • Allymo

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring story. Your aunt sounds like an incredible human being and you are totally right in the fact that kindness should be the butterfly effect that takes hold of this world. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing this truth with everyone!

    11 months ago