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I tried to mix a narrative about my connection with people through music and some older WtW pieces of mine to form a story about my love of music.


September 9, 2019

    Music is an island I've found in the turbulent seas of adolescence. It speaks to me in a language of rhythm and melodies that can't be specified. As I listen to the light guitar or dreamy synth or clashing electric bass of a good, solid song, I slowly feel a little bit better; I no longer ache. The weight of conformity, the brevity of each day, the pain of battling my turmoil all lessen as I melt away into the sands of musical islands. 
    Blasting the cacophonous sounds of the Front Bottoms, as I usually would on any given Saturday, I enter the cool, moist air of the Guitar Center, my eyes devouring the sights of sleek, slender guitars on all sides. I creep into the warmer, wetter air of the acoustic room and lift gently a guitar no bigger than I. As I slip my fingers into the position of the few chords I recognize, a sense of tranquility overtakes me. My chest, usually tight with foreboding, loosens and I allow myself to breathe. Slowly, at first, I strum each string to savor the sweet sounds that so delicately bring me back to a soft serenity I haven't felt in years. 
I could crumble
under the weight 
of math and gossip and girls and life,
but I haven’t 
not yet. 
I fight through each day with
the uncertainty of tomorrow
weighing me down. 
Tomorrow isn’t a promise, but I try. 
I’ve got my music
and that’s what keeps me going.
    I sit intently, listening quietly to the faint scratching of my record player working to play the last track of Bob Marley's album and rereading my poem. I take in each keystroke and syllable, rolling the sounds slowly over my tongue and digest the words I had planned meticulously for hours. As Marley's exotic vocals fill the spaces between my thoughts, I think of tomorrow as my computer shuts off and I finally sleep. 

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