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I'm into mythical creatures and such; dragons and mermaids and werewolves. It's my hideaway; my safe haven for when I don't want to face the dull and boring, black-and-white world of "reality". And when I write, I'm adding colour to my little world.

Message from Writer

Each word, fragment, sentence, and paragraph is one of the many puzzle pieces of your own world. A world where "reality" doesn't exist and anything can happen. Your kingdom or queendom shouldn't be altered by someone else's thoughts or opinions. Otherwise, that place isn't yours truly.

You Don't Know Yet But You're My Friend

April 27, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

I think you're mine.
What do you mean? I'm no one's!
I think I made you.
But you're not my mom?
And I'm not your dad either. You're my sister.
No I'm not. I'm an orphan. And we don't even look alike.
We look more alike than before.
What do you mean?
You weren't born like that, with wings and horns and a tail.
Yes I was. I'm a creature. 
No you're not. You're a dragon. I just made you human is all.
You didn't make me!
Yes I did. I thought you up and now you're here.
So I'm not real?
No, you're halfway to being real.
The more I think of you the more real you become, to me.
To you? What am I, your imaginary friend?


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