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“And the Ghosts
they own everything”

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Uh hi, I'm Anthia. I am a writer by nature, but I decided to do something with the pieces I create. I also play the guitar, and I write songs/raps as well, but this WTW account is mainly focused on more traditional styles. Anyway, I'm just a kid trying to figure out my life, but I hope you will come along on the ride with me.


September 8, 2019


The cursor blinks
As I sit here and think
What do I write

Do I write about how I feel
Or make up someone who isn't real
Get stuck in the past
Or put on a mask
What do I write

I struggle to come up with an idea
And I come up empty
Can't muster up the strength to keep up the rhyme sceme 
So I just let it fall apart

Just like my life
My world
My heart
My head



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