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I post semi-frequently depending on when I get inspiration. I like to include a lot of imagery and sensory detail, so be prepared for that if you give my stuff a read. :P

Color List

April 25, 2016

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

Utilitarian Blue- Lighter shade that pairs well with grays and whites
Blank White- the color they paint the cinder-block walls in schools to facilitate focus toward learning, but oftentimes just leads to boredom as students stare off into space. 
First Green- the leaves in spring as they first unfurl from the bud, light and delicate
Night About Town- Dark navy blue, almost black, best paired with bright yellow
Streetlamp Yellow- Bright and slightly artificial that stands out like a beacon against dark colors
Overcast- moderate grey with hints of blue, forebodes rain, accentuates greens well
Dragonfly Blue- iridescent blue, mixes well with purples and greens
Maple Red- Maple leaves in the fall
Sunset Pink- streaks the clouds as summer sun is laid to rest, heat of the day gives way to cool night
Sky Blue- just darker than robin-egg blue, the color of the sky above the clouds, closer to space
American Red- the stripes on the flag from the U.S. of A.
Candy Purple- pastel purple, reminiscent of marshmallows and cake frosting


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