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Hello, Could You Help Me Save the World?# hearmyvoice

September 9, 2019


I want to share something with everyone here on WTW.  I'm sure we have all heard about the inevitable hell that will become our world within the next 11-12 years. Knowing that we have heard about this impending doom I want to tell you that instead of ignoring or building anxiety about the state of our planet and future I instead implore you to change. I ask that you be a part of the global outcry from  millions of people to fight for our planet. In particular youth, who are fighting for a right to a future. It is astonishing that despite children fighting for something everyone should have as a right to from birth, we immerse ourselves in ignorance. How is it that I am expected to make choices that will help brighten my future if I now that swiftly and surely it will be snuffed out? I live in the ignorance of a world without having to worry about plastic filling and polluting my body with each meal I eat. I long for the ignorance of the generations before me. Of myself as a child who did not know that in my existence I spill blood each and every day. It may seem crazy but nearly every purchase quite  is equal to more blood on our hands. Clothes from fast fashion companies that work people as expendable  resources to be thrown out once without a second thought, in unsafe working conditions that kill. That kill slowly in medical conditions which result from daily exposure to caustic chemicals. Or in a mighty rumble of rubble crashing down on thousands of people,of other living breathing humans with a right to live, working in sweatshops. People are not meant to be single use. How is it we have become so detached from our impact on the world we let people and species die because of our disassociation to our actions. Glaciers melting,the Pacific Garbage Patch, the loss of hundreds of thousands of hectares clear cut for suburbia to sprawl. I hold myself accountable for these tragedies, I live in suburbia, I used plastic and have driven thousands of miles in a gas guzzling car. I am ashamed of myself and I am trying to change, but it is not enough.As a result, I'm asking that you pull your head out of the water  that drowns  coastlines and children such as us in apathy and incredulity that we can change.I ask that you breathe in air that is fresh,clean and pure. Air that we must fight for the right to protect and preserve. Within the week of September 20 -27 Take Climate Action week will take place,as will your chance to create necessary and imperative change. I ask that you look up a local itinerary for events,strikes and seminars that will be taking place close to you. If there are no events taking place around you, use your online platform to discuss the issues our environment faces. Write a poem,story,rant WHATEVER and post it on here. Do whatever magic social media stuff you can do to either make people aware of these issues or what you are doing during this week of climate action. One persons actions to fight climate inaction is a considerable and commendable change for the better. Collectively we can change our worlds future, your future. 
Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you for reading all of that. I would love to hear what you are planning for climate action week or what your thoughts are on the state of our environment. I will probably be talking more about this in future posts so if this type of stuff interests you, stay tuned. If you have any questions or concerns I will do my best to respond and answer them . I would also like to caution/remind that anyone  who takes part in any type of strike or event does so in a kind,respectful and non-violent manner. I would like to say some old proverb drive this point home, I don't know where it is from but the message remains.
'' Whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you tenfold."
# hearmyvoicecontest
5. Nonfiction (must be prose)—our world is dying. What can we do as young adults to save the planet? Give us stats, quotes, etc

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