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This is the second chapter, the first was called Chapter One- The Little Filly (A prequel to Their Last Race)
Let me know if I should continue with these little stories. :)

Chapter 2- A Mischievous One

September 5, 2019


    Andy threw her hat down in frustration, sending up a poof of red dirt. Her little filly- Andy had yet to find a name- was so stubborn, not wanting to leave her mother. Clover stood still, lazily swishing her long tail. The filly seemed to glare mischievously at Andy behind the refuge of Clover's side. It was time for the filly to be weaned from her mother, as she was five months old now. Andy's frustration grew stronger, and heat rose to her cheeks. The five months used trying to connect with, teach and train this filly was wasted time. Andy hadn't even found a name for her, she'd just been calling her Filly. She gave up, it was time for a break anyway. Andy stomped her way up towards the house, but turned around to the rusty gate; she had almost forgotten to close it. She had gotten a scolding for leaving it open the other day, her filly had escaped into the main yard. As she looked up from the gate, Filly was cautiously walking away from Clover, following Andy from a distance. Of course, Andy thought, annoyed, Of course, she would follow me out of the pasture when I was leaving. Andy shuffled back into the pasture, to lead Filly into the barn to be fed. As Andy approached slowly with a new, softer halter for Filly, she shied away, tossed her head, and ran back to Clover.


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