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Pulling Back the Arrow

By: amohn04


Amalie pulled back her arrow.

She felt the familiar curves of the bow, the way it was worn from countless times shot. The mahogany wood had grown smooth and polished from the thousands of times her hand had assumed this same position. But, although she was an experienced archer, this felt like new territory to explorer, fearing the unknown that lay ahead. 

Taking a deep breath, she tried to concentrate. Everything she'd lived for in the past few months, every elaborate plan and crafty scheme, had all been leading up to this one moment. Amalie knew that failure wasn't an option. The fate of all her friends rested on her shoulders. There was no way she would be able to handle letting them down. 

Or letting him down. 

The memory struck Amalie in the chest, so hard that she nearly dropped her bow. Although Silvester had died almost six months ago, his loss still struck a painful chord in her heart. Amalie remembered the way his hand had felt in hers, the comforting way he held her when she fell to despair, and even the way his lips had felt against hers when they had shared their first -and last- kiss. He had loved her, she was certain of that. And she felt the same way about him. 

Amalie bit her lip hard to keep from crying. She'd shed enough tears over him already, but no matter how much she wept, it never seemed to be enough. Now, now more than ever, she needed him. Needed him to remind her that she was capable, that she had what it took to save the day. 

But I do have him, she thought with a smile. I have his memory. In her mind, she replayed all of the times he'd encouraged her, all of the times he'd been there for her when she couldn't be there for herself. The moments were so numerous that she knew she was forgetting the vast majority of them. But, the ones she managed to pull out of the back of her mind, where she'd shoved them away after his death, were encouragement enough. 

She dropped her hand, which was beginning to get tired from holding it up for so long. For once, just this once, she wanted to be here for him. It had been long enough. She needed to avenge his death, to stand up for what was right, just as he had always done in life. 

Amalie reassumed her position with a newly regained strength. "For you, Silvester." she softly whispered, letting the gentle breeze carry her words away into the vast wilderness that surrounded her. "For you, I can do this."  

Somehow, she knew he heard her. It was an unmistakable feeling that sent a warm feeling all through her body. She smiled and straightened her back, preparing for the moment she'd been anticipating for so long.

For the last time, Amalie pulled back her arrow.  

Peer Review

The name and repetition caught my interest, and was interesting.

I would like to know what she's doing with the arrow: is she killing someone? Freeing someone?

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