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Grace Croken

United States

You can't breathe - so you write

Message to Readers

This poem means a lot to me...let me know what you think. Thanls ! - Grace

In The End

April 24, 2016


Truth be told
Or never telled
I held your hand
Walked through your hell

But in the end
You put me through mine
In a hell
That never quells 

In my hand
I held lovers pen
Wrote a story with no end

And even now
Three months gone by 
Our lovers door 
Left open wide 

Been to heaven 
Been to hell
Back to heaven
Back to hell 

All trapped under
Your magic spell

In a trance
That never fades
Stuck in purgatory
For days and days

I loved you then
I loved you now
Even though
You've turned into a clown 

Hurt me once
Hurt me twice
Hurt me three times
Like I have no choice 

Stuck in a cycle with no end
Where is my godamn godsend? 

God oh god why don't you come?
Need someone to hold back the gun

God oh God the end is near
I see the light, it's become so clear

You don't want me now
But you don't want to let me go 

Remind me of all the places I've come to know 

Once you thought I was the most beautiful maiden in the land
Now you're putting a vile of poison
In my hand 


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