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where do I start? i’m a... nerd. i’m a Broadway nerd. i’m a supernatural nerd. and, most important of all, i’m marvel nerd (seriously, I have an infinite amount of marvel memes saved on my phone).
she/her pronouns

Message to Readers

wrote this after a couple days of writers block i’m just glad to get words onto a page (screen? idk). also, i’ve found that i really enjoy writing pieces based on mythology so expect more stuff like this from me

working on revising this thanks to dmoral13's feedback :)

what’s a mortal among gods

September 10, 2019


chubby fingers grip
snap dragon petals
and drop them into the
forever traveling river.
and the child grins,
white teeth shining
like plouto's treasures.
i want to greet the girl
and show her the wonders
of olympus because surely
she'll appreciate it more
than us immortal beings
who spend eternity
surrounded by riches.
but, the treacherous wind 
of the mortal world
makes her hair dance,
the scorching sun
makes her cheeks shine
and the hideousness
of the earth makes her
a rare jade vine.
down there,
among her people,
she's precious.
here she would be
unworthy and lesser.
nothing special about a mortal
to the gods.
so, when the snap dragon petals
escape from her view
the young child leaves and i watch.
she hums a tune foreign to me
and disappears into a 
pitiful cottage.
and i close the parted clouds.

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  • ♛DaBolo♛

    I love this so much! Your word choice and imagery really added to the story. I can easily imagine the riches. mortal world, and jade vine.

    9 days ago
  • aperson

    This story drags people in and is very interesting, not only that you have an amazing way of giving readers perspective and adding feeling

    10 days ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    I love how the god(dess) does not think highly of him/herself and his/her fellow immortals. The imagery and emotion (longing) is outstanding. I loved it:) Well done!

    12 days ago
  • RNE

    this is so gorgeous! "and i close the parted clouds." is so perfect bc it brings a better sense of the god narrating. great job!!

    12 days ago
  • weirdo

    @Wave thanks for your lovely comment. plouto is actually the god of riches and wealth so i didn’t spell it incorrectly. i appreciate you trying to help though

    12 days ago
  • Wave

    This was beautifullllllll! I just really like how this is one of the few pieces to look at it in this light and how the god accepts the truth that the mortal will be "unworthy and lesser" in Olympus. Just one itsy-bitsy issue. I do believe that "plouto" is an incorrect spelling of Pluto, but then again, there are so many variations one can never be sure, so eh. Over all, I LOVE it!

    12 days ago