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I really don’t know what I spouted this time; I hope it means as much to as it does to me.

Joy. #raincontest

September 3, 2019


Joy. Such a fickle emotion. Amidst every smile, every laugh is a little wisp of contempt doing its best to upheave the newly planted seed of elation. We, as imperfect beings, cannot help but think the worst of almost all situations gone awry. Many great scholars, philosophers, authors, savants and thinkers before my time have spoken as such: one cannot live happily without experiencing sorrow; if we had never embraced despair, we would never have known joy. 

These words are truer than we can express. Without unhappiness and desolation, we would have never know what happiness is and feels like. Thus, those who wish for a utopia where none shall be exposed to the melancholy that accompanies life will never live gaily. 

Oftentimes, I sight the smallest of fractures in the bright smiles of those around me. See, joy is frequently used as a hastily constructed mask to shield the lacerated and bleeding heart from more affliction. Beneath the layers of stained gauze and linen strips was a soul that barely shimmered. 

I consider one of the greatest duties a person can uphold as a decent human being is the willingness to spend time and really care for each and every person they come across. Amongst the first few objectives of my life is the ability to coax even the faintest of genuine smiles from everyone I meet. Everyone deserves to have one real smile and a good laugh at least once in their short existence.

Now, here we are, ushering in a new era into the threshold of our lives. Technology is a blessing and a curse. We have the ability to reach someone half-way across the world right at our fingertips. Sending messages take only an instant, a far cry from the messages once delivered by horse. However, on that note, being able to send messages on a whim means our increasing inability to interact in real-time. Adding on to that, we cannot see nor feel the emotions coursing across someone else’s face when messaging. How many times have you sent something you didn’t really think? 

This is where I conclude this narrative, leaving you to ponder the effects of my words. Joy is not to be taken for granted, it can leave you faster than you can blink. For this reason, I ask of you graciously, make someone smile or laugh today. It doesn’t take much effort and it could transform their life dramatically.  Do it for the sake of a better world. If not for them, for yourself. It only takes one smile to light up the world.
Finished: (03/09/2019 5:47PM)

My entry for the contest hosted by @r|A|i|N. Thank you for the wonderful prompt!

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  • Dmoral13

    Peer review done and sent!!!!

    7 months ago
  • r|A|i|N

    this is a wonderful and thought-provoking piece. great work and thank you for entering!

    7 months ago