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South Africa

I would love to expand my knowledge and description skills to that of a master, to be able to read a book to a blind person and have them picture what is being read to them, to give them a sense of color through words.

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April 24, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

"I did it."
"What did you do?"
"This! I did this Jane!"
"What do you mean?"
"I set the trap, I thought it up, I killed him!"
"But, why? What did he ever do to you?"
-starts crying-"the mafia, the pressure, they said - they said they'd hurt you if I didn't do this."
"Wait, how'd you get involved with the mafia?"
"My Dad, he is the mafia boss, he-he-he's a cruel man, I always knew that he was abit more uncaring and restricted than other fathers, but I never thought he'd threaten me to make me a hit man, I'm his son, he threatend me Jane, he THREATENED ME!"
"Jeff, calm down, it's not worth rampaging for, just, continue."
"I couldn't do it, I tried buying some time, just to figure a way out, but then, he sent someone to my door, someone with surveillance pictures of you, Jane, I cant, you've  changed me from being like my dad, if I lose you, then, I don't know what I'd do, you're my heart, my  everything."
"Jeff, I feel the same way, but why not go to the authorities?"
"My dad knew what I was thinking, he told me, if any authorities got involved, he'd plant a hit man on both of us. You don't understand, he doesn't even look the same anymore, but, I know my dad voice, and that was him, only he calls me J."
"I'll help move it."
What do you mean?"
"I'd do anything for you, and if that means conspiring in this with you, I'll do it."
"Jane, think this through, what if police find it, then you and I'd be in jail!"
"My dad will take care of this, he just told me to do this and to dispose of it, he told me not to worry about anything else. Trust me on this. He wouldn't turn in his own son"



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