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"Today's air quality is mauve and speckled."
"Time is weird. So is space. I hope ours match again someday."
-Welcome to Night Vale

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i can't write dark, but i tried my best uwu
-Julius Caesar

not an ordinary story #raincontest

September 4, 2019


she swore she didn't intend for this to happen
as the pen touched the page,
as black ink soaked into the journal,
spreading, creating, writing

the ink was bleeding through the paper,
the pen was pressing hard,
creating grooves and scratches,
creating a story.

that was what the pen was for,
she reminded herself.
writing stories.
Innocent stories for children to read before bed.

but with each word she wrote,
with each scratch, 
with each cartridge of ink used,
she could feel her intentions slipping.

the pen was not an ordinary pen,
the story was not an ordinary story,
i am not an ordinary writer,
she realized as she saw the pile of bodies around her.

i swear, this isn't what i intended,
her grip on the pen was so tight,
the nib cut through her skin
taking up blood instead of ink

i swear...


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  • r|A|i|N

    wow, such powerful imagery here! great work!

    7 months ago