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Ends Happen

By: Stewart Worthington


Ends happen every day.
Flowers slowly curl, fishes quickly swirl.
Flies are swatted, seeds aren’t potted.
Towers start to fall, mothers do not call.
Fruits turn to brown, humans mourn and frown.
Children walk away, their parents can’t stay.
Promises are broken, love is unspoken.
But I don’t care with you in my arms, for you are my beginning and you will be my end.
Our beginning happened today and our end can wait.

Message to Readers

A short, Sunday poem for you all. Please enjoy and thank you for reading.

Peer Review

This is beautiful!

It left me with a feeling of refreshing thoughts. I love the way that the first object flowed into the second subject.

Would you please review one of my pieces? Critism is appreciated.

Reviewer Comments

Well written and absorbent!