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I would love to expand my knowledge and description skills to that of a master, to be able to read a book to a blind person and have them picture what is being read to them, to give them a sense of color through words.

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April 24, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Age claims a spot of responsibility, outlook and emotions. 

At 16 you get stuck, the realization that 20 was far away, and now is closer than ever, is a big call to awake from your childhood, it may be sad at times, but it shapes you when that big 20 arrives. 

The reality of what adulthood requires soon sets in, you as a person have now lived through almost your whole childhood, the careless years of playing outside and using the old "I'm telling" line. When life reaches this mark in the road, the only thing that you can do is enjoy what's left, to have a 'careless' day now and then. 

The expectations of society can often crawl under your skin, forcing you to make a choice at which university you want to go to, which career path you'd be taking, what you'll do if your not accepted by your university. If your like me, you think of this quite a lot, the "what ifs" are annoyingly strong and hard to conquer at times.

But, the turning point of adulthood is also an enthralling and exhilarating experience, creating of you a better person. 

These are my thoughts, at the age of 16 

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